Finding God

Finding God
On the pathway to Petra

Thursday, August 10, 2017

On the Right Track

A pleasant walk in the spring time
Cedar Grove, NC
Suffice it to say that I was provoked into contacting the priest at St. Thomas More with the suggestion that I was not being obedient to what God had given me to know in prayer. Because the suggestion made me defensive and a wee bit angry, I suspected there was at least some truth to it.
I found the priest’s name and e-mail address on the church website. Because it was the Tuesday before Easter – and pastors are notoriously swamped during Holy Week – I did not expect a reply to my “hello neighbor” e-mail to Father Scott. My short note suggested that because our churches are next-door neighbors, we should meet sometime soon. I was unprepared for his friendly return e-mail that arrived within the hour.  We found a mutually agreeable date to say “hello” about three weeks in the future, at his church.
The speed and friendliness of his reply indicated to me that God was in the mix, and I perhaps was on the right track.

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